Frequently Asked Questions


What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi permanent eyebrow enhancement, giving the client the look of natural brows without having to do any kind of filling in with a pencil or gel. Microblading allows clients to truly say "i woke up like this!" about their brows! The procedure is performed with a small hand tool, and individual hair strokes are created with pigment. All my tools are single use - blades come in sterilized packets, opened just for you, and disposed of immediately after.


How long does it last?

Microblading generally lasts from 1 to 3 years depending on how diligent you are with aftercare, the types of products you use on your face, and skin type. Microblading pigments are created to fade evenly over time, meaning you are not stuck with your shape for the rest of your life if you want a change! Refresher sessions are recommended as needed if you do want to maintain your brows, and can be revised at that time if you want to switch your style.


Do you have to shave off my eyebrows?!

Absolutely not! I work with the hair that is already growing on your face and use the direction of your hair growth to create the most natural looking brows. If you have minimal / no brow hair, a custom natural looking pattern is created for you.


Doesn't it hurt?

I am certified to use topical anesthetics to make sure that you remain as comfortable as possible throughout the process. Some clients report feeling a little bit of discomfort, comparable to plucking or threading eyebrows, but many don't feel anything at all once we get started! if at any time during the service, you are in unbearable pain, i stop immediately and apply more anesthetic to numb you before continuing.


Who can get microblading done?

Almost everyone is a good client for microblading. Some clients have overtweezed or have no natural brows at all! Some clients have a few bald patches they want filled, and some clients have great brows that just need a little extra volume or revision of shape. The best way to know if you are a good candidate is to reach out to me and ask!


Why does it cost so much?

If you've ever had your brows filled in or even shaped by waxing or threading, you already know that the brows frame the face and can drastically change your look for the better when done right! If trained correctly, your brow artist has invested many hours into education and practice. This is a procedure that involves opening your skin, and placing a pigment under it. A good brow artist will be well educated on disinfection techniques, pre-service recommendations, aftercare, and most importantly brow design. I do not use stencils or templates for brows - I personally spend as much time as is needed with my clients to not only find a good brow shape, but one that looks like it belongs on your face. I custom mix every client's pigment to closely match their natural brow color - from pale blondes to extremely dark hair. All clients have open lines of communication with me should any questions or concerns arise at any time in the healing process! Most importantly, this is not a tattoo on an easily concealable part of your body - it's your face! You need to go to a certified brow artist to ensure that you are walking away with excellent results and not mismatched, discolored, or god forbid, the dreaded "sharpie brows"! I was personally trained and certified by a successful permanent makeup artist with locations in 3 countries, and am extremely confident in this training - my results speak for themselves! Long story short - in the same way that you get what you pay for with tattoos, you get what you pay for with brows. Good brows ain't cheap and cheap brows ain't good!


I found someone cheaper than you.

I truly hope it works out for you, as I know not everyone can afford to spend money on their brows. However, if it does not - I can sometimes offer corrections and even removal, dependent on the situation. I promise I won't punish you for going elsewhere! That being said - because of the extra time spent, removal and revision of another artist's work often comes at a higher price point then if you had originally come to me. 


If you have any other questions at all - PLEASE reach out!