Consultations are free.

Appointments require a $50 deposit at the time of booking. Deposit is non-refundable but does come off the final cost of your service.


New Clients

Microblading $400+
(Clients with no existing brow tattooing)

Includes :
* Initial Appointment
* Custom Brow Shaping
* Custom Mixed Brow Color
* Touch-up / Perfecting session (5-7 weeks post initial appointment)
* Aftercare Giftbag

Existing Clients

<6 Month Touchup $100+
6-9 Month Touchup $125+
10-12 Month Touchup $175+
12 - 18 Month Touchup $250+
18 + Month Touchup - Requires a consult to price

*Touchup prices listed are base prices, subject to increase if client has severe fading or discoloration*


Clients With Existing Brow Tattooing

As a professional, I am very particular about Microblading over another artist's work. Please schedule a consultation to determine pricing / if you are a candidate.